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Here are the places where our Solar-Cooker workshops have been established throughout the world, they are ordered by continent and country.




Ethiopia - Addis Ababa

Burkina Faso - Ougadougou und Nouna (planned)

Ghana - Near Accra

Kenya - Maralal und Nanyuki

Madagascar - Antanarivo                    

Mali - Bamako

Malawi - Lilongwe

Namibia - Döbra near Windhoek and Oshikuku in Ovamboland

Ruanda - Commune Nasango

Zansibar - planned

Zimbabwe - Bulawayo

South Africa - Randburg / Johannesburg

Tanzania - Mpwapwa

Uganda - Kampala


Latin America:


Costa Rica - Playas del Coco

Haiti - planned

Nicaragua - Léon

Mexico - Durango and San Christobal de Las Casas near Chiapas


South America:


Argentinia - Santiabo del Estero

Bolivia - Cochabamba und La Paz

Brasil - Uirauna / Paraiba

Ecuador - Patgate - Ambato

Peru - Lima




Bangladesh - Dhaka

Indien - Valsad and Kerala

Nepal - Kathmandu and Damak near Jhapa

Pakistan - Peshawar

Philippines - San José, Occidental Mindoro

Yemen - Aden



In case you are interested in establishing a workshop or assisting in establishing one, please notify our office in Altötting.  We will gladly provide you with information and addresses of the workshops and those individuals intimately involved on site.




Production of the Cooker in Workshops

can be done without electricity by using simple cutting, bending and hole punching machines.  They are available from EG Solar.  Tools are also included, for example files and rulers.  Only one size of bolt is used, but are of different lengths.  The cooker’s frame is built from easy to work with pieces of flat and round steel.  Highly reflective aluminium panels for the parabolic dish which are already pre-cut and holed can be ordered from us (see ).

The costs of an SK14 in a country which has fuel shortages are returned in just a few months, depending upon the cost of fuel.  Afterward, money is saved which can be used for better quality foods, schooling, etc.  Were firewood previously gathered (which may not have had any costs associated with it), the situation for women and children is still significantly improved when a solar cooker is used: free time increases, energy used to work can now be invested somewhere else, and an improved level of health is secured.  Ideally, children will have time to go to school and women will have time for  their household or for other training.



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