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A parabolic mirror reflects the sun’s rays toward a matte-black pot, which sits atop the point of heat concentration in the center of the dish.  The pot absorbs the contrated energy of the sun’s rays.  The contents of the pot then beging to cook.  Meals are not the only thing which can be prepared.  It is also suitable to boil water, to bake, pan fry, and to assist in color dying, or weaving. 


The Solar Cooker was developed by Dr. Ing. Dieter Seifert with the consideration of technical abilities and supplies, so that the population which suffers from fuel shortages could have another option.


- The goal is the self-sufficient production of cookers in the place of use.


We offer practical assistance for self-assistance world wide!


A functioning Solar Cooker:


·         Frees women and children in countries with fuel shortages from the daily chore of gathering wood and cooking with smoke, which is damaging to the health.

·         Preserves the integrity of treed areas; reforesting activities become more successful and the use of animal dung can be used for agricultural purposes, rather than burned.

·         Self-help workshops are developed in the place of use. This improves the level o f education, creates employment opportunities and makes solar cookers affordable for the locals.

·         Improves the quality of life in rural areas.  The rural migration and its consequences can therefore be reduced.



Of course, this simple concept also works in Europe, for an alternative to the use of fossil fuels is supplied freely throughout the world – with the use of the sun.


If you order a solar cooker from us, you’ll suddenly have a large circle of friends who cook and grill without soot and smoke.  The deciding factor for a well functioning SK14, is having the closest thing to a cloudless sky as possible, the temperature outside is less important.  On clear, sunny winter days (down to –10° C) you can still use the unbelievable power of the sun.



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