CO2 - Donation

By investing 2,50 € in solar cookers, 1 Ton of CO2 can be saved.

The investment:


The Global Climate Conference in Den Haag failed as a result of the USA, the world’s most responsible actor for the current climate crisis. For this reason, the 1997 Kyoto mechanisms to reduce CO² unfortunately could not be implemented. This also means that there are still no CO² certificates for developing countries, which would assist in financing greenhouse-gas emission reduction measures, such as the solar cooker program.


Nevertheless, we have decided to begin now, as every lost day brings ever more consequences to those people affected by fire wood and fuel crises.


By donating under the keyword "CO2-donation" you will not only receive accreditation for a tax write-off, but also an EG-Solar CO2-Certificate.


We have created a small computation program, with which you can calculate the difference you are making through your donation and the amount of CO2 which will be saved.


The calculating program (only in German language) for CO2-emissions are found under

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